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What We Do


Metamor Heath Inc. (Metamor) is a boutique advisory service that draws upon a great range of healthcare and business leaders to support the evolution of health and life sciences companies. 

We leverage decades of experience working at the interface of public and private healthcare, business leaders, clinicians, scientists and academics to help over 50 companies each year, from bootstrapped or Series A start-ups to established multinationals. This includes:

· Business insight and growth strategies 

· Navigation of health systems

· Identification and development of partnerships

· Refinement of business plans, investor and customer-facing strategies to ensure your value is understood

Our expert advice and support has made a fundamental difference to the success of many companies, their partnerships and their investors. 

Supporting Canadian Ventures


In addition to our advisory services, each year, Metamor identifies and provides sweat equity support to a small number of emerging Canadian-based medtech / healthtech ventures with innovations that have global potential. 

To qualify, your technology innovation must be viewed as best in class by key opinion leaders, have limited competition, it exists within a high growth market or large existing market, and the innovation has potential to dramatically impact the lives of many.  

Who We Are


Martin Gurbin, President of Metamor Health Inc., works with entrepreneurs and multinationals, hospital leaders, clinicians, scientists, academics, business accelerators and governments, to identify and translate new ideas that improve patient outcomes, health system performance and generate economic opportunity.

Over the past 2 decades, Martin has been engaged in a wide range of initiatives and strategies related to health system innovation, healthcare and life sciences technology development, tech commercialization and adoption, development of multi-stakeholder partnerships, strategic, capital and operations planning, development of healthcare centers of excellence and entrepreneurship development. He provides strategic insight and guidance to C-level executives of emerging and established healthcare technology and life-sciences companies, driving adoption of high-impact technologies and building innovation ecosystems. 

Martin has an exceptional international network of professionals and is able to assemble teams of any size to support initiatives. A detailed profile is available on LinkedIn “Martin Gurbin.”

Want to get to the next stage?


There is no secret to achieving breakthrough growth and business success. Our experience, plus the experience of so many great innovators, proves it requires these key elements: 

· you truly understand what drives your customers and your stakeholders

· you can communicate and deliver value compared to the way things are currently done

· your business model is sound

· you can assemble a committed team with the right skills

· you can access and leverage resources to grow

· your passion is unwavering 

· the timing is right.

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